Meet the Authors who make up Bert Books!

Meet Danielle Parker!

Danielle Parker knew she wanted to be an author when she was five-years-old and has been telling stories ever since, some in crayon and with misspelled words. Her first novel, Pure of Heart, came out in 2015 and she’s been typing away and coming up with new ways for her characters to struggle, suffer, and swear in the sequel and several other stories since. They also include those in the Monster Marshals series, a collaboration with other local authors.

She currently resides in Boise, Idaho where she hates both the heat of the summer and snow of the winter but loves all the inbetweens. When she isn’t doggedly chasing the dream of being a full-time author she works in the government, very official and not near as fun as it sounds. When she’s not at work or writing, you’re most likely to find her at a local pub trying the latest craft brew with the Berts, practicing martial arts at her gym, or at home with her husband and two dorky dogs. 

Her published work to date not only includes Pure of Heart, but also Witch Please, a Monster Marshals story, available in digital format or in the first Monster Marshals print compilation, Incidents in Idaho, including a story by Troy Lambert, another of the Berts. The second in her series will be released this spring.

She is not a werewolf, but there may be something to the vampire rumors. 

Introducing James T. Lambert

James T. Lambert writes science-fiction, urban fantasy, and a little steampunk from his writing office/land yacht ‘Bertrude’. By day he breaks carefully constructed code conceived by clever coders, while by night he sorts strings of syllabant sentences for story structure. Since his first novel-length project in the 2011 NaNoWriMo, he’s been polishing his craft, working toward his overnight success after ten years.

Other than writing and breaking things, Jim also enjoys reading, movies, comics, theater, board games, Scotch, craft beer, hot air ballooning, and having far too many hobbies.

Jim’s first published Monster Marshall’s story has been published in the Haunted Yuletide anthology, and his upcoming novel Aether Powered will be available this spring. 

Jim is embarking on a new non-fiction project, and will soon boldly go where no author has gone before.

Learn more about his work on our Bert Books Page.

Debuting Soon: T.J. Harris

T.J. Hollist is a rising author from eastern Idaho. Her current hobbies include binge reading, doodling, mountain biking, and hiking with her German Shepherd. 

During her sophomore year of high school, her creative writing teacher pulled her aside after she handed in a Valentine’s Day project that just happened to be the original idea for her first novel. Her teacher said, “I don’t know what you plan on doing when you graduate, but I hope you never stop writing. Please don’t ever stop writing.” 

So, with a shout out to Mr. Smith, she did just that. 

Now she lives in Boise, ID with her four-legged best friend and spends most of her time exploring the surrounding forests when she’s not busy procrastinating novel writing. 

T.J. will be releasing her first novel this year, and some of her work will soon surface in various anthologies. 

Check out her upcoming work on our books page!

Veteran Author, Troy Lambert

Troy Lambert is a veteran author who has been writing full time for just over a decade. In addition to fiction, he is a freelance author, editor, consultant, and non-fiction author. He also doubles as the Education Coordinator for Plottr, a software that helps authors better organize their ideas. 

An associate member of the International Thriller Writers, Troy has published over two dozen novels and novellas, several short stories, and is working on a few series at the moment, including the acclaimed Captial City Murders series, the second book in the Max Boucher series, the debut of a Lovecraftian humorous romantic suspense novel, and more Monster Marshals books this coming year.

Troy lives, works, and plays in Boise, Idaho with his wife, and three very talented dogs occasionally enlisted to create blog posts. 

You can learn more about his work with Bert Books on the books page, and you can find his other work at

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