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The second in the Max Boucher Series is coming this spring! A horse theft, a murder, and a mysterious stranger all lead Max into a mystery that will change his life. He’ll have to put the┬ápieces together┬ábefore the answer kills him.

A struggling student inherits a large, heavy steamer trunk. It holds some of Tesla’s greatest inventions, including one that changes everything. If Joseph can convince the world it is real while eluding an evil group who want to use it for their own nefarious purposes.

Harper is a werewolf, and she’s in love. But life is much more complicated than that. Someone who knows her true power is after her and her girlfriend may be in the way. Will she learn the true nature of who she is before it’s too late?

The debut of Max Boucher came with Harvested, the story of a missing wife, missing dogs, and a grand conspiracy. On Amazon and Audible now!

Jim’s debut publication of a Monster Marshals story came in Haunted Yuletide, with “‘Twas a Flight Before Christmas.” Check it out on Amazon now!

The first in the Faoladh Series, Harper, a teenage werewolf, finds love in her small town. But will her crush be a love that kills? Check out this amazing debut.

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