About Us

Who are we?

eWho is Bert Books? We started as three authors in a critique group together: Troy and Jim Lambert (not related) and another member who had a “Bert” last name, but has since gotten married and messed the whole thing up. She writes under Danielle Parker anyway, so maybe it has been messed up this whole time. 

We decided that our powers combined were stronger than they were separately, so we began to “do things” together, including writing in a shared universe (Monster Marshals) and encouraging each other to write more.

What We Do

Besides critique group and writing, we have a lot more plans: podcasting, workshops, book events (when we can have those again), and more. Watch this space!

What We are Not

We are not a traditional publishing company. Please don’t send us unsolicited manuscripts or contact us asking to publish your book. We won’t do it. If you want to join Bert Books, you may have to change your last name.

Troy Lambert is a full-time writer, freelancer, editor, and all around author. He writes primarily in the mystery, suspense and thriller genres with titles that toe dip into the paranormal and even horror genres. 

He has over two dozen published titles, including the Capital City Murders Series, the Solitaire series, and the Max Boucher Series, including Harvested and Teaching Moments.

Troy also speaks a lot at writing conferences, is the education lead for Plottr, our resident editor, and a book coach. He’s also a board member at Idaho Writer’s Guild and an associate member of International Thriller Writers, a member of NINC, as well as a part of the 20Booksto50K community.

You can learn more about Troy and his work at www.troylambertwrites.com

Danielle Parker knew she wanted to be an author when she was five-years-old and has been telling stories ever since. Some in crayon and with misspelled words, but we all start somewhere. She currently resides in Boise, Idaho where she hates both the heat of the summer and snow of the winter but loves all the in-betweens. 

When she isn’t doggedly chasing the dream of being a full-time author she works in the government, for the government, by the government.As for hobbies, she likes movies, a good television series, all the books, and most music, but you’re likely to find her at a local pub trying the latest craft brew or practicing Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or Muay Thai at her gym. In all honesty, she’s usually at home with her husband and two dorky dogs, writing away and coming up with new ways to swear. 

She is not a werewolf, but there may be something to the vampire rumors.

James T. Lambert writes science-fiction, urban fantasy, and a little steampunk from his writing office/land yacht ‘Bertrude’. By day he breaks carefully constructed code conceived by clever coders, while by night he sorts strings of syllabant sentences for story structure.

Since his first novel-length project in the 2011 NaNoWriMo, he’s been polishing his craft, working toward his overnight success after ten years.

His short Monster Marshals story, “‘Twas the Fight Before Christmas” was published this year in the Anthology Haunted Yuletide and his debut novel is Aether Powered.

Other than writing and breaking things, Jim also enjoys reading, movies, comics, theater, boardgames, Scotch, craft beer, hot air ballooning, and having far too many hobbies.

The Series That Started it All!

As part of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, all spinets, even non-human ones of every species located in the United States were declared U.S. Citizens and therefore became subject to U.S. Law.

A new government organization, The Prometheus Project was formed, and employs a special force of Federal Marshals and Deputy Marshals with powers of arresting, imprisoning, or bailing non-human or parti-human sapients who commit such offenses. The Prometheus Project’s existence must be kept a secret, and so its headquarters are located at and considered part of the Groom Lake testing facility, also known as Area 51.

The Monster Marshals Series attempts to tell their stories.

The Monster Marshals Take Action!

A witch is causing chaos with the weather. Can the Monster Marshals find a way to stop her? 

A giant bat somehow trapped in a mine in North Idaho is causing trouble. Will the Monster Marshals be able to contain it?

Learn more in the first two Monster Marshals stories. Read them today!