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Featured Title: Aether Powered by James T. Lambert

Take one old Steamer Trunk

Joseph would have rather gotten money in the will, but instead, they delivered a heavy, beat-up old steamer trunk to his Seattle home. With both parents gone, money to pay the skyrocketing taxes made a lot more sense.

Add copies of Tesla’s inventions

But his uncle willed him a box of wonders. Built from plans by Nicola Tesla, who knew their value? Until Joseph broke one.

A smidge of struggling student

His major in electrical engineering let him borrow a lab and fix what he broke. Now he has an unbelievable machine, an earth-shaking discovery, and no idea how to profit from it.

And a generous portion of century-old grudge

When he gets the word out, he attracts the attention of a shadowy organization. They say they’ll pay top dollar, and they won’t take no for an answer.

Mix well

Joseph needs to convince the rest of the world his discovery is real, elude those who would steal it, somehow get enough money to pay his tax bill, and still satisfy his gold-digging girlfriend’s expensive tastes. Where’s a genius like Tesla when you need him?

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